Can Promise Rings be for Best Friends?

The tradition of the promise ring was introduced during the 13th period by Romans. It was exchanged between lovers and couples who were to be married or engaged. This trend is continued even today by many couples. Youngsters still exchange a promise ring to show their love and commitment.

It is not necessary that you can give promise rings for girlfriends only. You can also give a promise ring to your best friends, cousins, siblings or classmates. Promise rings symbolize friendship and a special bond between best friends.

How you give a promise ring to your girlfriend differs from the way you present is to your friends and other loved ones. But, surely it will have the a similar impact on them by making them feel loved.

Sign of loyalty

Promise rings can be exchanged between two best friends. In friendship, the meaning of a promise ring means loyalty and a promise to stay together for a long time. When two friends promise to stay together forever, they exchange a promise ring.

You can choose a delicate ring to gift to your friend to celebrate your friendship. It depends on you which type of ring you want to gift your friend. The type of promise ring that you choose for your best friend depends on the depth of your friendship.

When can you give a promise ring to your best friend?

A promise ring can be given on many occasions. Apart from occasions, you can also gift a promise ring to your best friend for various other reasons such as:

1. Show your togetherness

Just like love, your friendship is also a beautiful feeling. Couples promise to stay together and even friends promise to stay together for a lifetime. When you gift a promise ring to your best friend, it shows your true friendship and special bond. No matter what happens, you will stay together with your best friend for your whole life.

2. Improve the habits of your best friend 

A true friend is the one who helps you to come out of problems. He is the one who helps you to improve your bad habits and cultivate good ones. Giving a promise ring to your best friend means that you are helping him to leave his habits. You can make a promise to your friend that he or she will leave the bad habits such as smoking or drinking. A promise ring can also be gifted to help your friend leave a drug habit.

3. Support him in bad times

When you give a promise ring to your friend, it means that you will support him throughout his life. The meaning of a promise ring is to support your friend even during a difficult time. Friendship rings also show your support and love for your best friend.

Best designs for a promise ring to give to your best friends

If you have decided to give a promise ring to your best friend, choose the best designs given below in the list:

1. Important dates and numbers

You can get a promise ring with significant numbers and messages on it. The best message you can give on the ring is that of graduation or friendship message.

2. Motifs

Motifs look attractive on a ring to be gifted to a best friend. You can give a promise ring with designs of flowers or animals that show your friendship message.

3. Gemstones

You can get a wide range of gemstones on your promise ring that you have to gift to your best friend. You can either choose a sapphire or emerald to show your friendship. But, to ensure they wear it with the utmost satisfaction and pride, search for the best place to buy promise rings online and then make your purchase.

Final words

A promise ring for a best friend can be designed in any way that you want. Your ring should show your true friendship and feelings for your best friend.

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