8 Most Rare Exotic Flowers Around The Globe

The word “exotic flowers” is utilized to define non-native, introduced, and popularized flowers. The reason behind their popularity is because of the lofty adaptability factor these flowers have. Some of them are even known to be easy to cultivate with a low measure of maintenance. These exotic blooms are known for having an incredible charm. Whether it’s the unusual shape of petals or even a mesmerizing fragrance, exotic flowers never fail to fascinate people. Perhaps the most obvious beauty in the world of flowers is their capability to brighten a house or office with color. Whether you have a plant that needs care or a bouquet of freshly picked flowers from online flowers delivery in Canada services, flowers will provide grace and life to your surroundings. Here are some of the names of exquisite flowers & everything you should know about them.

Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise or also called strelitzia is a tropical flower aboriginal to South Africa. The shape of this flower reaches a free-spirited flying bird. To rise to its full potential, the plant requires a generous amount of light & a warm temperature. This glorious bloom is an emblem of freedom, happiness, and of course, paradise. It’s an assertion from nature that we have a paradise to enjoy here on Earth. You might find yellow & orange strelitzia easily. Nevertheless, a white bird of paradise is deemed rare & expensive to obtain. Even if the yellow and orange strelitzia is not as periodic as the white strelitzia, please note that we have to abstain from causing any damage that could endanger the species.

Ganges Primrose

This exotic plant is native to Malaysia, Africa, and India. Its blossoms are in the shape of a funnel, with a pale yellow to cream hue. You can also see it growing along the basin of the Ganges river throughout summer.

Calla Lily

You may believe that these exotic blossoms are cousins to lilies, but they are related to philodendrons. The flower looks like a yellow spadix growing from the center of the trumpet. These flowers can choose any shade from the rainbow color chart for their beauty. Representing purity, faith, and resurrection, Calla lily is an ideal choice for marriage events-online flowers delivery in Australia is available.

Yakla Snow Lotus

The Yakla snow lotus is one of the most stunning flowers. Found only in the most elevated regions of the Himalayan mountain range, this rare & exquisite flower is a thing of magnificence that witnesses worthy peeks by the dozen. With petals spread over the blackish core that is surrounded by purple-colored hair-like protrusions to work as a temperature controller, this rare & exotic flower is always a surprise to cherish.

Bleeding hearts

Once you see the impression of this flower, you will instantly understand the reason behind its title. The cause is no other than the structure of its petals. This gorgeous bloom is available in romantic & calming shades, which are pink and white. Bleeding hearts were once excessively hard to find in nature. Nevertheless, these days bleeding hearts are not as tough to spot. Through years of progress and innovation, cultivators have discovered the path to growing and caring for the plant. Turns out it’s not as difficult as some might have thought it was. If you’re lucky, you may experience this blossom in summer.

Rebe Flower

It is one of the rare blossoms in India that is also on the brink of extinction. You can see it in the national park of Arunachal Pradesh. The unusual flower has two sepals & petals in pale pink or ivory shades along with one golden stamen in the middle.

Law’s Ceropegia

Named behind John Sutherland Law, the English-born, Indian Civil Servant & botanist who had found it, these blossoms are one of the most stunning natural species of flowers. Growing from the Ceropegia plant, these lantern-shaped blossoms grow only on the Harishchandragad hill, the place where it was found. Mainly white, these flowers have a tubular-shaped center with five petals that are connected to form a cage-like design.

Ecuador Roses

Rose is the term that numerous people synonym with flower, and that indicates its popularity. One of the types of roses makes it to the list of exotic blossoms, and it is none other than Ecuador Roses. These blossoms can be set in any floral arrangement & can be utilized to gift your cherished ones on any occasion. The magnificence of Ecuador Roses never fails to delight the eyes!

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