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Curling your hair can be a difficult process – arm pain, sweating and of course hair damage to deal with. If you don’t want this whole mess and are looking for “how to curl your hair without heat” then this post is for you. These methods give your hair a wavy look and the curls look natural. The best part is that it doesn’t damage your hair. In the following article you will find natural ways to curl your hair. These methods will give you different styles, volume and firmness. Read more and find out what they are.

How do you curl your hair without heat?

Women have been waving their hair without heat for centuries! Most of these methods involve going to bed with slightly damp hair and waking up with perfectly curled hair. Some work to accentuate the natural wave in your hair. The list to find the best method for the look and style you want.

Ways to style natural wavy hair

  • Towel dry your wet hair instead of rubbing it all over.
  • Replace your hairbrush with a wide-toothed comb.
  • Ask the barber for a “feathered” haircut.
  • Replace the hair serum with a curl cream.
  • Use a speaker on the hair dryer.
  • Avoid anti-frizz products.
  • Get a mousse with a modern “non-crispy” formula.
  • Choose a light hold hairspray.
  • Get a deep conditioning treatment.
  • Try salt spray.

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