Types of Butts

Types of Butts

We all know that some women are blessed with bigger booties than others, but you probably did not realize that in fact, there really is a whole lot of different types of butts out there. Every lady would like to have the perfect shape of the derriere. But little can be done to change the shape of your butt. Have a look at these shapes.

A shaped butt:

Normally meaning a shaped butt that tapers towards the waist and fills out towards the bottom, giving the A-like build. A person with a [butt of an A shape] normally has a more slender or narrower shape from the waist and puts fat to the lower part of the butt and thighs. The most sought-after form may well be the heart shape. And, of course, easily understood: the narrowing together of the waist with fat depots mostly located in the butt and thighs gives volume and roundness.

Visually, it is incredibly appealing and can make any piece of clothing look great!

Round butt:

Another known term for the round butt is the bubble butt, which is considered by many as one of the best, if not the best. Overall proportionate butts, such a butt represent equal fat distribution on top, bottom, and sides of the hips, and on top and bottom of the butt cheeks. Something many strive for is a round butt.

Well, men’s fixation may not be on the booty as women’s may be in workouts, but still, it is good to tone up. Rounded butts can really look great on just anybody!

Anyway, it will definitely look better than a pancake butt, won’t it? And, besides, strong butt muscles feel good, something to strive for in the gym for both men and women.


This refers to even square butts in size from the waist to the hips. H: The H shape butts are so much similar to the H-shape, having so much volume at the top and at the same time flattening out at the bottom.

Inverted v shape

These type of butts is more common among elderly women because the level of estrogen is at a minimal range, and the lesser production of it will make the stored fats in the butts area be shifted to the midsection area, thus an inverted shape of the butts.

Another reason of this butt-shape is sagging, when the fat is accumulated at the bottom of the butt.

Flat butt

These help contribute to the round appearance of the glutes by some of the muscles that form it in the butt. This could, however, come about due to heredity or problems with the functioning of glutes.

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