5 Plausible Reasons to Choose Sustainable Baby Clothes

Sustainable Baby Clothes

Babies are fragile little beings, and we must be cautious with them, especially in the first few months of their lives. They require special and constant care. We must be mindful of their food, diapers, the air they breathe, the temperature of the room as well as the clothes they wear. When it comes to baby clothes, it is manufactured in the same or similar way as clothes for adults – using potentially toxic chemicals in the process. That’s why organic baby clothes are a much better choice. Choosing organic baby clothes is not a matter of being an elitist, a snob or a hardcore trend-follower. It’s about the safety and health of your baby. Keep reading to learn more about the 5 plausible reasons to choose sustainable baby clothes.

Before we move on to the actual reasons for choosing sustainable clothing for your baby, we will disclose some viable facts on babies and toxic chemicals, as well as make comparisons between baby and adult skin.

Babies and toxic chemicals

Babies are infants are two groups that are particularly sensitive to toxic chemicals. This is so due to several things. First of all, babies experience greater exposure than adults. Newborns absorb the impacts of the environment more than adults as their body size is small and their skin is permeable. Moreover, it is even more emphasised as they tend to put everything around them in their mouth. Also, babies are more vulnerable as their bodies and brains are still developing, so they can’t naturally eliminate the toxic chemicals that end up in their bodies. Their developmental process is quite delicate, and the littlest things can disrupt it.

Baby skin vs adult skin

Baby skin differs a lot from adult skin. Babies absorb elements of the environment in various ways: through their skin, the air and the food. As you probably remember from biology classes, the skin is our biggest organ. It protects us and regulates our body temperature, among other things. When it comes to babies, their skin is thinner and thus more vulnerable to the absorption of negative things. The outer layer of baby skin is three to five times thinner than adult skin. Also, it is made up of smaller cells. These factors make it less resistant than adult skin. Due to these reasons, the choice of baby clothes is really important.

1.   Sustainable baby clothes are eco-friendly and ethically made

When it comes to sustainable baby clothes, one of their biggest advantages is that they are eco-friendly and ethically made. That means that they are not only manufactured from organic materials but that the whole manufacturing process is free of toxic chemicals. Additionally, the packaging is also sustainable. Companies that produce organic clothing most often use recycled packaging and soy ink for printing. Moreover, besides being sustainable in all aspects, these companies also focus on ethically made clothes. You can search for organic baby clothes online like you do when you’re looking for information, such as the best childcare centre near me, best baby strollers, baby must-haves and so on.

2.   They are derived from natural fibres

Another key characteristic of sustainable clothes is that they are derived from natural fibres. These fibres often come from organic cotton, which is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or herbicides. What this means for your baby is that the final product produced in this way is gentle on your baby’s skin and poses no harm. Also, there are fewer chances for this kind of clothing item to cause skin allergies, rashes, irritation or any kind of sensitivity, as opposed to non-sustainable baby clothes. Thus, the safest option for your baby is to dress them in certified, organically produced clothes.

3.   They have great durability

Besides being derived from natural fibres and produced sustainably, organic baby clothes also have great durability. You already know that babies get dirty quickly, so you need to change and wash their clothes often – spills and stains are a perfectly normal daily occurrence. If the baby’s clothes are not quality, they will be all washed out and thin after being washed a few times. So, parents’ goals are to buy quality clothes that are also durable. That means they stay the same wash after wash until the baby grows out. Various studies have shown that organic cotton is more durable than conventionally produced cotton due to its greater fibre thickness.

4.   They are non-hypoallergenic

As we already mentioned that babies’ skin is more permeable, so it is vital that their clothes are non-hypoallergenic. When it comes to organic cotton used for manufacturing organic baby clothes, it undergoes strict and thorough inspection and processing. The goal is to get completely chemical-free baby clothes. Organic cotton is characterised by soft and breathable features that are necessary to protect your baby’s sensitive skin.

5.   They are better for your baby’s skin

Baby clothes made from organic cotton are friendly towards your baby’s skin, which makes them super comfy for the baby. Another crucial feature of organic cotton is that it is able to maintain an optimal body temperature, regardless of the climate. It has the ability to ventilate cold air and, at the same time, absorb moisture. If you choose organic cotton clothes for your baby, you can rest assured that they won’t feel too hot or too cold, as such clothes aid air circulation. These unique features make organic cotton a perfect choice for any season.

How to choose the best organic baby clothes

Perhaps you weren’t aware of the bad effects of baby clothes produced from traditionally grown cotton, but you surely are. Your next step is to do your research online and find some sustainable baby clothes brands you can order clothes from. You can also check your local baby clothes shops and see whether they offer baby clothes made from organic cotton. This is a small step for you as a parent but a big one for your baby’s health.

Being a parent means being faced with many challenges in raising kids. However, you shouldn’t allow that to affect your judgement. You should make careful decisions when it comes to your children, as they do have an impact on them.

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