Three Yoga Postures That Can Help Reduce Hair Loss and Stimulate Hair Growth

Stress, sinful lifestyle, and unhealthy eating habits promote extensive hair loss. Hair loss has become a widespread problem nowadays, and patients consistently complain about it. The past generation had their hair on their scalp till age 40, and they never ever faced extensive hair loss after 40 years too. But now, patients experience hair fall from their early 20s due to environmental factors and physiological factors. Hair fall is sometimes hereditary and genetic, which causes extensive hair fall issues. Sometimes extensive hair fall makes patients panic, which leads to anxiety and stress, making the hair fall even worse.

Let’s check out some common causes of extensive hair loss:

Hereditary: If your parents have or have baldness or hair loss problems, then this can be carried out through the gene. That’s why hair loss is known as a Hereditary problem. When it is the question of your gene, nothing much can be done with it. However, you need to protect and maintain healthy hair.

Malnutrition/ Nutritional deficiency in the body:  Proper nutrition is very important for good hair health. For hair growth, we need to consume a proportion amount of protein, minerals, and vitamins. If those are absent in your diet, you may experience thinning of hair, hair loss, baldness, and patches. Anaemia (iron deficiency, calcium deficiency, mainly responsible for extensive hair loss.

Stress & anxiety: Stress and anxiety are important factors in hair loss. It naturally dormant hair growth and encourages hair loss as well. However, emotional stress leads to temporary hair loss. Thus, you can manage this kind of hair loss by managing your mental health. So, healthily manage your stress and protect your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Dandruff in hair: Dandruff, dirt can also lead to hair loss but not baldness.

Use of hair dye/chemicals:  In hair color, we often see lots of chemicals that lead to hair thinning or weakening. Even hair styling tools like curlers and straightner blow dryers can also damage or break hair. Chemicals and heating tools profoundly impact hair shafts and pause hair growth.

What needs to be done in yogic angle to prevent hair loss:

Proper nutrition: Take the Sattvik diet to fill your nutritional deficiency from the body and eliminate anemia, and low bone mineral density.

Proper blood circulation:  blood circulation is very important in the face and scalp region to stimulate hair growth.

Asanas to stimulate hair growth.

When it is a matter of hair care, especially promoting hair growth, Yoga Asanas has a wide range of solution for it. Forward bending and backward bending help increase blood circulation in the face and head region. The body stretching and bending help improve blood and oxygen supply and stimulate the nerve in the scalp region. Yogendra’s rhythm breathing is also good for calming your body and mind. It helps you to handle stress which is the major reason for extensive hair fall.

Hastapadasana ( It is also known as the hands-to-feet posture)

Stand straight with your feet together & keep your hands apart.

Just inhale, then gradually raise your hand from the front to above the head.

Next, exhale, and get your hands down to grasp the ankle. Your knees should be straight. Take your hands and head together as the same unit while bending down or rising to leverage maximum benefits.

Release your breath, keep your knees straight, and keep connecting your forehead with your knees. Remain in this position for at least six seconds, then start breathing normally for two minutes

At the time of inhaling, you must put your hands above

While exhaling, get your hands down in at sweeping motion

What are the benefits of Hastapadasana:

  • It improves blood circulation in your head,
  • Also relaxes your mind, and take care of your emotional well being

Trikonasana (The Triangle Posture)

Girl in Trikonasana improving posture stretching and relaxing by exercising on the mat

Just stand erect with your feet together & arm at your side

Inhale, raise both of your hands at shoulder level, and eyes should be in at forward direction

When you exhale, gradually move forward from the waist , just keep your legs and spine straight

Touch your toes, and keep your arm straight.

Keep your spine, neck, and head in at horizontal position, squeeze your abdomen, then fix the tip of your nose,

Maintain the pose until six seconds, then return to the original position by inhaling.

What are its benefits:

It just improves the balance of your mind.

The Vipatrikarni or Inverted posture

Just lie down on your back with your hands at your side.

Exhale with hands gradually raise to your legs

Hold your body with your hands to get enough support and steadiness

Breathe normally, and hold the position for a minimum of two seconds.

While inhaling, gradually lower down the hips using your hands and get back to your initial position


It regulates blood circulation,

Relaxes your mind

Make favorable changes in your body, which stimulate hair growth as well.

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