5 Tips to Promote Physical Fitness and Active Lifestyles in Children

Active Lifestyles in Children

Today’s era is all about technology, and associated with it are its advantages and also adverse effects. Scientists and researchers are concerned about the physical fitness of humans and, most importantly, children. Electronic devices, including gadgets, mobile phones, and smart TVs, have increasingly rose concerns, which are mostly associated with poor physical health and brain development in children.

Underdevelopment of the brain affects memory and language skills and makes children prone to many mental disorders. Therefore, in response to the heightened concerns, we have listed down some tips that you may follow to promote a healthy and active way of life. If you want to find some exciting reads regarding the topic, visit Voguetonic. This platform has engaging content on similar and many diverse topics.

5 Best Tips To Develop Active Lifestyle in Children

Modeling serves as the best technique:

Children are most likely to follow their parents and elderly figures in their surroundings. Therefore, it is a key tip to inculcate healthy habits in children which last forever and make them realize the unfavorable outcomes of adopting a sedentary lifestyle. Parents have got the power and ability to mold their children’s attitudes and practices.

First and foremost, before commanding children, parents themselves should follow healthy habits. In my opinion, children observe their environment keenly and act accordingly. In order to develop healthy habits in them, parents should keep encouraging their children by providing them with positive and a healthy environment. If parents discourage children from engaging in sedentary activities, then they must also be the first ones not to perform them. This makes elderly figures exemplary models for children to follow.

Parents should enroll their children in different sports teams and sports-related events in academic life and some outdoor games. This promotes healthy utilization of leisure time and promotes an active lifestyle to combat diseases by boosting children’s immune systems.

Begin with some exciting activities:

Focus on what activity your child enjoys the most, which can keep the child intrigued throughout the time of exercise. It will induce within them a passion for fitness. Among the most compelling activities are martial arts, football, swimming, dancing, and gymnastics. Such activities strengthen bones and muscles so the child becomes physically strong. Sticking to such a lifestyle inculcates a habit in them to spend no more time in aimless activities.

Over and above, I believe to make exercises enjoyable for children, accompanying each other on long family walks, riding bicycles together, and enrolling in a fitness club together as an entire family is a brilliant idea to go with. It is like killing two birds with one stone. You enthusiastically keep going with a healthy routine and spend quality time together as a family. Therefore, children must be equipped with proper exercise gear and comfortable shoes so that they feel invested in the activity.

Healthy Ways to Cope With Stress

Relaxation exercise activities such as meditation, exercise, and deep breathing exercises pull you out of the discomfort of fight and flight response. Such techniques restore the relaxed state of the body by reducing bodily arousal symptoms. Learning such techniques at a very young age maintains the health of one’s body for a lifetime and preserves energy for meaningful goals.

Children’s mental health remains in a vulnerable state when they are unmindful of healthy ways to deal with stress. Bringing such coping techniques into their conscious awareness helps in devoting their concentration toward academic performance, improves their self-esteem, and increases resilience.

Mental well-being promotes physical fitness as both mind and body work in coordination. If the efficiency of the Central Nervous System is a requirement, then learning healthy coping mechanisms is the key. Another way to cope with stressors effectively is by spending quality time with yourself. A way to do so is that once you are back home after a long walk, the tiredness is manifested by your pale face and mostly sweaty hair.    

Cut down on screen time:

Setting up technology0-free spots for children will assist in limiting their screen time and diminishing screen dependency. Appreciate your children when they perform playful activities, as it will motivate them to stick to a healthy lifestyle. Excessive use of electronic gadgets contributes to developing an idle lifestyle that does not let a child perform goal-directed activities.

Incautious and excessive use of gadgets may cause impairment in vision, auditory impairment, obesity, and sleeplessness. Children who are sleep deprived often show irritable and aggressive behaviors, and their attention span is mostly decreased. Moreover, elevated screen time creates hindrances in the phase of socialization, due to which cognitive skills in children remain underdeveloped. They lose the ability to properly conduct themselves in the social environment.

Unleash the inner artist of your child:

Art-related activities such as painting, sketching, and making hand-made accessories develop healthy coping mechanisms which keep young ones away from the negativities in their surroundings. This too helps in further upgrading the healthy lifestyle as your mental wellness is protected. They learn to creatively express themselves through art and music.

When children learn not to focus on negativities in their environment, they can increase their productivity which results in promoting an active lifestyle.


In a world where solitude is preferred over companionship, let’s join hands to embark on this journey. Give yourself a chance to unleash your soul as well as that of your young ones with the unpleasant consequences of adopting not so healthy lifestyle. Together we can make it through this journey of promoting physical fitness and an active lifestyle.

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