How to Make your Glossy Lipstick Look Matte?

Glossy Lipstick

Makeup is a game-changing technique, and girls love how they can change their look using an aurora color palette, a foundation, and some other stuff.

Now, people run a makeup home business and earn a living out of it. Like bra brands in pakistan, some makeup brands sell online and give some extraordinary products at a low rate.

To run a makeup business, you must know the latest trends in the market. It helps you grow at a much faster rate.

Do you know what the latest trends for lipsticks and lip gloss are?

Well, lipsticks and lip gloss are now outdated. Matte is the new sensation, and girls love this change in lipstick. Matte is a thick layer of lipstick that is sticky and stays for a longer time.

It is difficult to remove a matte compared to other forms of lipsticks because it has a long-lasting nature. Water and other materials do not affect matte, and therefore it is the number one choice of girls today.

The best thing about matte is that it never gets dull or light. It stays the same till the end of the day, and you don’t need to fresh it again and again like other forms of lipsticks. 

If you have applied matte in the morning, you will come back with the same color and shine in the evening. Even if you eat and drink during that time, your matte will not move an inch. 

Matte is an expensive makeup product, and you have to spend a lot of money on them. To resolve this matter, we have come up with an easy makeup hack. According to this hack, turn your simple glossy lipstick into matte in some easy steps.

Here are the steps that you can follow to turn your lipstick into matte at home

Before you start the process, grab a lipstick of your choice. Also collect some other items like a sponge, application brush, tissue paper, and face powder.

All these products have some kind of role to play, so keeping them by your side is essential. You can arrange them in front of you and start the process with no stress on your end.

1. Use moisturizer

The first step is to moisturize your lips. Prepare them with a lip balm or a lip conditioner to add some softness. Moisture is a must because it protects your lips from damage and dryness. 

Also, when you apply a lip balm, it gets easy for you to apply lipstick, matte, or a gloss on your dry lips. The softness that comes with a moisturizer helps in the easy application of makeup products.

2. Apply lip liner

In a second step, you have to set the borders of your lips. For this purpose, grab a lip liner of the same shade and apply it. Lip liners line your lips and give a specific area to apply matte or lipstick.

It is preferable to choose a shade that matches your lipstick because a darker or lighter tone of lip liner looks odd. So, select a shade that matches the shade of your lipstick.

3. Apply lipstick

After preparing your lips with a lip balm and lip liner, it is time to apply lipstick. You can do it with your hand or with a lip brush. It is completely up to you because you know what is better for you.

If you are an expert in using a lip brush, apply the glossy lipstick with it. On the other hand, you can also do it with your hand if you feel uncomfortable using a lip brush.

Swipe the lipstick on your lips and give it an even tone.

4. Blot your lips

Now, it is time to blot your lipstick. For this purpose, take tissue paper or blotting paper. Put them between your lips and press them against one another over it.

Blotting is essential because it soaks up the extra moisture and gives you a subtle look. Some people think that blotting fades the color, but it is a wrong concept. If you do it right blotting never fades the color.

You can do it twice or thrice to remove all the extra moisture that comes with your glossy lipstick. Later reapply the lip gloss and blot it again. You can use tissue paper or blotting paper. The choice is up to you.

5. Set the powder on the lips

To get matted lips, loose powder is a magical product. Take a loose powder and apply it with a sponge applicator. The best technique for applying a loose powder is to take a sponge, dip it in loose powder and apply it with technique. 

When you apply the powder, make sure to do it evenly. Cover the entire lip but use as less powder as possible. Too much powder makes the lip gloss get uneven and patchy.

You can also use a flat applicator brush for it to give an even powder coating on your lips. Once you set the powder, press your lips against each other. 

If you want to get a darker matter, apply the lip gloss again and set it with powder. Repeat the process to get your required color and shade.

The loose powder adds a matte touch to your glossy lipstick. And you have to apply it carefully.

Use it according to need, and don’t apply too much powder as it can cause patches and unevenness. It is one of the most simple hacks to convert your glossy lipstick into matte at home.

If you could not find the right shade of matte on market, you can convert your glossy lipstick into it by using this simple and easy technique at home. It helps you achieve a flawless matte finish without spending a lot of money purchasing a matte.

The best thing about this technique is its results. The matte touch you get at the end is not patchy, nor dry, unlike matte lipsticks. You get a smooth, soft, and moisturized matte look that lasts for a long.

You can also eat and drink while applying it because it does not affect your lips. The matte color will stay the same and will not come off easily. 

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