A Quick Rundown of the Blundstone Foot Pairs fashion line

Blundstone Boot

Are Blundstone footwear range worth it? You might be wondering about it, but these are a must-buy for plenty of reasons. Firstly, it offers excellent durability at an average price point. Secondly, the brand range outlasts the kid craze that happens to be making them popular right now.

Where is Blundstone from?

Hobart, the capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania, dwarfed by the impressive Mount Wellington, is the second oldest Australian capital to Sydney and home to the iconic Blundstone boot. Currently, the company headquarters can be found in Moonah, Tasmania, which heads up all of their admin, marketing, logistics, and quality control. This is also where their product design and innovation are carried out.

The History of Blundstone Boot

In 1853, James and Thomas Cuthbertson, brothers from England, set sail on the Coromandel ship and headed for Melbourne, Australia. The Roaring forties dismissed the ship and instead docked in Hobart, Tasmania. James made Hobart his home, got married there, and started his own business of making and importing shoes. His shoe trade was inherited by his firstborn son James II.

At the same time, John and Eliza Blundstone arrived in Hobart from Derbyshire on the Conway ship and were already experienced in footwear manufacturing. So he started his own business in Liverpool St, Hobart, in 1870. It was the official year when the Blundstone brand came into existence.

Later, in 1932, the great depression led to difficult times in Blundstone; the Blundstone family sold the company. It was purchased by James Cuthbertson’s grandsons, James, and Thomas, which they combined with their footwear factory under the Blundstone name.

What’s good about the Blundstone footwear range? Let’s know here


The Blundstone comes in Men’s, women and kids’ ranges and offers high durability that lasts longer even with regular rough wear. Even if you wear them through mud and slush, they will undoubtedly stand up to the test.


Blundstone is a super-tough and waterproof footwear glider that can easily handle wet and swampy conditions. As these are the pivotal ones in handling any abuse, so you are sure to prevent your feet from undue damage caused by harsh exterior wet conditions.

Your feet breathe

Myriad podiatrists recommend Blundstone’s to people who want comfort and breathable footwear for wearing all day long. Your feet breathe because of the comfortable footbed in this shoe range. There is a cushion that carefully cups the feet while giving the feet sufficient breathing space.


The Blundstone range of shoes is lightweight and offers extreme comfort to the feet while you wear them. Heavy shoes burden the feet and cause problems like repetitive strain injuries, but these shoes’ average weight ranges from 900 grams. However, the weight can differ depending on your chosen model size. If you want to shop for Men’s Blundstone shoes, the weight of this shoe range could be slightly higher than that of women’s Blundstone.

Shock Absorption

You might have experienced an uncomfortable and disturbing landing on a hard surface; this can happen if you wear shoes without the polyurethane sole. You tend to feel shockwave when you wear shoes without the PU sole. Conversely, Blundstones protect your feet from shocks as these are embedded with the PU sole with low density, high elasticity, and soft texture that safeguard your feet from bending and offer incredible shock absorption.

The Bottom Line

So, the agenda is that spending extra on expensive apparel or footwear for just style points is a glorious waste of time. However, if the range comes with many incredible health benefits and lets you flaunt your style, then that is a must-to-be-bought accessory for you. Blundstone foot pairs are one among them.

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