Different Braiding Hair Colors

braiding hair color

Having natural hair is all fun and games until you realize that having natural hair means putting in the work. Between deep grooming, tossing, finger wraps, hot oil treatments and haircuts, it takes time and dedication to keep your hair happy and healthy. But sometimes, especially in freezing winter temperatures, nobody has time for that. This is where the protective styles come in, such as box braids. They make procrastination feel less sinful and give you more chances to reinvent yourself.

braiding hair colors

One of the perks of rocking braids is that you can experiment with different hair colors without making a long-term commitment. Here we showed different colors of braiding hair

braiding hair

Each is ombre-dyed in a braid of mystical purples, from deep violet at the roots to soft lilac at the end, which gives that aura of creativity and fearless self-expression.

Braiding Hair Colors

The braids are warm in color, earthy chestnut and auburn, with here and there a play of coppery glints to catch the sun and make color motion.

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