How to Choose The Best Quality Rhodonite Jewelry

Rhodonite Jewelry

For assessing the best-quality rhodonite jewelry, we usually consider the following factors to evaluate the quality and grading of rhodonite jewelry. These factors are:

  • Colour
  • Clarity
  • Hardness Level
  • Lustre
  • Price

Let’s study each of this factor to have a better understanding on the topic to learn how to choose the best quality rhodonite jewelry.


Rhodonite jewelry, being quite a rare and alluring gemstone, rhodonite is basically a pink or reddish-brown coloured stone.

This pink colour of rhodonite is usually caused by the presence of manganese in it. And the most eye-captivating factor that will literally leave you spell-bounded is the black of dark veins running on the surface of the stone. Further, this black vein-like structure is usually caused by the presence of manganese oxide or other minerals like iron or similar graded minerals.

Besides it traditional and authentic pink colour, manganese jewelry, like that shimmering and elegant rhodonite pendant, it can also be found in multiple hues such as grey, yellow, and green. Goes without saying, the pinkish hue tends to be the most common and also the most precious and most sizzling. For instance, the colour combo of pink and black goes out the most epic way on rhodonite jewelry.

The colour of rhodonite is usually influenced by the location where it is found. For instance, rhodonite excavated from the mines of California is usually more pinkish as compared to other areas.

In a nutshell, adorning yourself with the cheerful and alluring hues of rhodonite jewelry would really compel you to flaunt over your jewelry choice.

Transparency and Clarity

In most cases, when you go out to buy rhodonite jewelry, you will notice that rhodonite would usually occurs in a semi-transparent and opaque form. However, it is quite uncommon to find it in a completely transparent form, with zero degree of inclusions and impurities.

Not being completely crystal clear, it does not allow any light to pass through it. However, that does not mean it compromises upon the unparalleled elegance of this magnificent stone. Even its translucent to opaque clarity lends quite a distinctive and unique appearance.

The presence of the black-vein like structure on the top of it, complimented by its pink to reddish-brown matrix leads to some exceedingly interesting and mundane designs as well as patterns. Such flamboyant and mystical clarity makes each piece of jewelry to speak and scream

As far as clarity is concerned, it is usually determined by the quality of the stone as well as it cut and the design. Well, don’t go for that piece which looks quite dull and cloudy as it would be a fake piece in most cases.

While buying rhodonite jewelry, you need to consider this fact that your decision would be influenced by its colour and unique as well as distinctive patterns. Clarity usually takes a backseat while cherry-picking rhodonite jewelry.

Hardness Level and Durability

With a hardness level of around 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, rhodonite jewelry is a comparatively soft and delicate stone that could be easily mouldable, but could be easily suspectible to breakage or damage when banged against any hard or rough surface. Also, if it came in contact with any hard mineral, like diamond, in that case also it can undergo severe impacts on its surface. Still, it is quite suitable for everyday gemstone jewelry, as its mystical colour range makes it a perfect choice for everyday gemstone jewelry.

All you need to keep in mind is to be strict about taking care of your rhodonite jewelry. Like for instance, keep it away from water or simply put it aside when going for a quick swimming session or for washing utensils.

Yet another caring practice could be to always ensure that you are using proper air-tight bags or zip locks to pack jewelry ornaments separately. Also, don’t put it with other stones.


In most cases, rhodonite jewelry has quite a dull to vitreous lustre. The lustre of the rhodonite jeweller is mostly influenced by the quality of the stone, the cut it has been shaped to, and the polish coated on the top of the stone.

This vitreous to slightly dull lustre can lend it an ethereal and reflective sheen, similar to that of a glass. Particularly, when the lustre tends to be quite dull, then rhodonite can have a slightly earthly appearance.

Besides, this alluring and shimmering lustre can also be influenced and driven by the type of finishing that the stone has received.


The average price of rhodonite jewelry can somewhere range between $12-$100 per caret in the market.

Having got a thorough and detailed guide about significant factors affecting the quality of rhodonite jewelry, you would now be able to choose the best-quality jewelry on your next jewelry hunt. Shop exclusively from Rananjay Exports.

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