How to Give a Promise Ring to a Girlfriend?

Promise Ring

If you have a new relationship, gifts matter a lot. Every gift you give to your partner depicts some messages. This is the same case of a promise ring. This ring is given by men to their wives as a token of love and commitment

A promise ring shows your commitment before you enter an engagement. It also means that you are now connected with someone mentally ad physically. There is no fixed rule on gifting a promise ring in several ways. You can find some new ways to give a promise ring to your girlfriend or fiancée.

Best ways to gift a promise ring to your girlfriend

You have planned a long, romantic, and happy life with your girlfriend. Now, it is time to commit to a long relationship. A promise ring is a special ring given by one partner to another showing his or her love. There are several ways by which you can gift a promise ring to your partner such as:

1. Dinner or lunch date

There is nothing sweeter than sitting with your loved one in a garden restaurant. You can gift a promise ring during luck or dinner date. Book a table in an open space with scenic beauty in the surroundings.

A dinner date in a park is the best way to gift a promise ring. You can place this ring beside the girlfriend’s dinner plate. There are some other ways also that you can think to gift a promise ring. You can also order a glass of wine with a decorative cake before exchanging a promise ring. You can also put a ring in the glass of wine.

2. Visit the shop to buy promise rings together

If you want to give a surprise to your girlfriend, call her and share your thoughts. Apart from that, you can also take her to the nearby jewelry shop and purchase promise rings with her. One of the best ideas is to buy a matching promise ring. These ways will bring happiness to your girlfriend. Check our another article on top 7 best place to buy promise rings it will give you better understanding where to buy promise rings.

3. Near the beach

Beaches are another place for proposal and commitment. You can take a long walk on the beach and exchange your promise ring. Beaches will relax your mind and you can also enjoy a romantic dinner near the seaside.

4. Wrap the ring in a nice paper

You will easily get many promise rings for her on online sites. If you want a simple yet attractive way to present your ring, wrap it in a large or small box with good decoration. You can choose special days such as birthdays or Valentine’s Day to gift a promise ring. Nice decorative boxes with wrappers give the ring a more beautiful look.

5. Surprise gift 

If you want to make your girlfriend feel good, give her a promise ring as a surprise gift. There are hundreds of ways that you can choose to gift a ring as a surprise. You can put a ring on the finger of your girlfriend or keep it on a nice table or her dressing table. Giving a promise ring as a surprise will give immense joy to your girlfriend.

Final words How to give a promise ring to a girlfriend:

These are the best ways to give a promise ring to your girlfriend. However, you can also plan something else and find unique ways to exchange promise rings. It is important to know what your girlfriend likes and how she will feel when you give her a promise ring. Knowing the feelings of your partner is equally important before committing to a relationship.

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